1. Gray wooden house with white balcony and grass yard

    New to Custom Home Building? Here are 3 Things You Need To Know

    Congratulations on deciding to build your custom home! Creating your dream home is an exciting time. However, it’s a big process, and there’s a lot to get your head around. Before you get started, there’s a lot you need to know. Splittgerber Professional Builders is a custom home builder in Co…Read More

  2. Building On a Slope

    A grass-covered hillside makes for a picturesque setting for your dream home, as it likely overlooks a beautiful natural area, or a city setting if you are perched up high. Building on sloped lots is especially popular in northern Colorado seeing as there are many beautiful natural landscapes in the…Read More

  3. All About Construction Loans

    When it comes to financing new home construction, doing your own research and educating yourself on what goes into it can be extremely beneficial. For one thing, you’ll know what to expect, and for another, you’ll be more equipped to deal with the tough financial questions before they come up. M…Read More

  4. What to Consider Before Buying Land to Build On Pt. 2

    Recently, we posted part one of the list of things you need to think about when buying a piece of land to build your custom home on. Today, we will be finishing the list up so you can get a comprehensive idea of what to expect! As always, if you have any questions about the home building process or …Read More

  5. What to Consider Before Buying Land to Build On

    It can sometimes be a challenge to find a home on the market that checks off all the boxes on your life of must-haves. Settling for a home that doesn’t meet your standards doesn’t have to be your reality, especially if you have the means to buy a piece of land to build a custom home on. Buying a…Read More

  6. Builder Allowances and How They Work

    The goal of a custom home build is to ensure that your needs, wants, and desires are met and are incorporated into your home as much as possible and within budget. One of the concepts that builders created to price out a to-be-built home includes builder allowances, which can be confusing to prospec…Read More

  7. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home?

    Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning your own dream home but can’t find one on the market that looks how you want it to, or one that matches your personality and taste. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve likely weighed the options of building or buying a home, and, and if you’re reading this, th…Read More

  8. Making A Change During Construction

    When remodeling or building a custom home from scratch, there are many things that need to be considered and planned out. The fun part about either of these projects is that you are creating your own beautiful space that you will live in, and changing your mind about certain features or elements of …Read More

  9. Financing a Custom Home Build in Northern Colorado

    If you are in the market for building a custom home, you have likely owned a home before and are somewhat familiar with the home loan process. There are a few key differences when financing your custom home build, and understanding these points is necessary in order to feel financially secure when m…Read More

  10. When is the Best Time to Build a Custom Home?

    Congratulations on deciding to build a new home!! If you are thinking about it, you are likely also thinking about the timeline of your new home and when you are going to want to start building. Weather and the amount of available daylight are two of the biggest concerns when it comes to building a …Read More