Building a custom home creates all sorts of opportunities for you to tailor both your yard and your house so both uniquely fit your needs, your tastes, and your lifestyle. Many people may think that a custom home is limited to the interior finishes and floor plans, yet in reality, it extends through to the outdoor spaces that surround your house, completing the entirety of your property so you can get the design you’ve always envisioned.  Keep reading about how to create a custom landscape for your custom home. If you’re interested in learning more about how to start the custom home build, then give us a call. 

Highlight Your Home’s Architecture

One of the best purposes of your home’s landscaping is to highlight your home. From leading the eye to the front door to complementing the angles and colors of your home’s exterior, custom home landscaping is all about making your home beautiful and more enjoyable. Consider using smaller shrubs to make the edges and sharp features of your home feel softer. You can also use flowers with complementary colors to make your home’s exterior really pop. 

Design Landscaping Around Necessary Elements

Every project is different, which means that there is no list of mandatory requirements for landscaping; however, there are many crucial and necessary elements to ensure healthy and attractive landscapes. A well-designed irrigation and soil amendments are two major components of flourishing landscaping. Other necessities will vary depending on the nature of your site and the needs of your individual selections. It is crucial to think about where individual details of your design will go in order to make the other aspects work with each other.

The design phase of your yard also involves adding ground wiring, irrigation systems, fencing, building retaining walls, pouring concrete, or installing stone for patios and walkways, or anything else built outside the house. All hardscaping features are completed first so that plants going into the landscape are not damaged and can be implemented around or within hardscape features accordingly.


Create Space for Recreation and Play

Don’t forget to choose fun elements for your custom home landscape! Maybe a small playground, a set of swings, or a sandbox to keep kids occupied in the warmer months. If your family loves to eat in the open air, think about a patio of a deck, If you like growing things, consider vegetable plots with fencing to keep out all of the critters. Garden space would be a functional and aesthetically-pleasing addition to any yard, because you get to eat your earnings and it gives your space more life. 


Create Privacy

There are several ways you can use your landscaping to enhance privacy in your yard. Whether it’s around a pool or just outlining your backyard, there are several types of shrubs and bushes that grow vertically, so you can create a sense of privacy without having to install large privacy fences. You can also use native grasses that grow tall so you have privacy while also allowing light and breeze to come through! A good sense of privacy makes your home feel that much more luxurious, so whatever you end up choosing, be sure it compliments your home and makes you feel safe. 


Add Elements That Are Unique to Your Home

The best part about building a custom home is making a space that is uniquely yours — there is no other home like it. It goes to say that your yard should be the same! Make it a unique place that reflects your tastes and your lifestyle, but make it something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Aesthetic elements compliment your home and add curb appeal, enhancing its natural beauty and providing the perfect finish to your home. These elements can range from ornamental boulders to fountains to a patio area where you can visualize sitting and drinking your coffee every morning.  


Work With Local Professionals

Our custom home builders in Northern Colorado are experts in all aspects of the design-build process. We have an expansive network of local landscaping professionals with knowledge, skill, experience, and the resources to create a customized and innovative landscape that will fit the needs of your property and the vision of your home. It is always better to choose a local landscaper that has in-depth knowledge of local weather and climate, along with knowledge about the various elements that go into creating a landscaping design. They have the skills and resources to make your dream a reality, but they also have the artistic vision to help you when all you see is dirt and a whole lot of potential! Local landscapers provide you with the best opportunity to create a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting outdoor space that will truly pull your home together.

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