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Things To Remember When Customizing Your Child's PlayRoom

Customizing your child’s playroom is an opportunity to create a space where their imagination and minds will grow. We all remember the fun of playing as a child and having the custom space for your kids to roam free can maximize that level of fun!

Choosing the final touches for your playroom can be a daunting task. If you don’t know where to start, don’t stress! We’re here to help. Below we’ll discuss the things to remember when it comes to customizing your child’s playroom. If you have any more questions about the process, then give us a call today! The team at Splittgerber Professional Builders can answer any questions you have about your custom home. Visit our site to learn more.


When designing a custom playroom for your home, thinking about the layout and placement should be the first step. Determining where you want the playroom to be is essential for the rest of your home layout. Do you want it in the basement? Close to your living room? Or do you want a space near the kitchen? It’s important to keep your layout in mind depending on the age of your children and how much supervision they need. If you’re customizing a playroom for younger children, you’ll want it to be close to where you spend a lot of time in your home. On the other hand, if they’re older, you may appreciate their space being farther away from your workspace or kitchen.

Mother painting the walls beige


Choosing the colors for your playroom can be a lot of fun! So it’s essential to get it right. Remember to think about the colors of your playroom with the style of furniture you envision in your children’s space. You can go colorful for fun or stick to the neutrals. Or you can add a chalkboard wall for even more opportunities for your kids to have fun. But there are a lot of options for the colors of your playroom to choose from. So keep in mind the style, furniture, and energy you want the colors to bring.

young child playing with cardboard toys

Storage Space for Toys

Of course, every playroom needs room for the toys! And we all know how quickly toy collections can grow. So remember to keep storage space in mind when customizing your playroom. Design a space to store games, art supplies, toys, stuffed animals, and all the other little joys your children love to play with. At Splittgerber Professional Builders, we can help you customize your playroom to maximize space for toy storage so you won’t end up with a mountain of toys in the center of the room!

father reading a book to his two children in an indoor tent

Educational Design

Customizing a playroom allows you to create an open-ended space for learning and fun! So remember to think about the educational aspects of the playroom. You can incorporate fun ways for your children to learn in their space. From whiteboards to chalkboards and everything in between, there are lots of ways you can include a bit of fun education into the design of your playroom.

Customizing your child’s playroom is an exciting process. If you want to learn more about personalized playroom designs for your custom-built home, then get in touch with our custom home builders at Splittgerber! We can help you turn luxury custom homes into reality. For more tips on customizing rooms for custom-built homes, be sure to stay up-to-date on our blog page. Or, to get started on customizing your child’s playroom give us a call!

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