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Now that you’ve decided to build your dream home, the biggest decision that has to be made is location. Most people who invest in custom home construction are building a dream home that they will remain in for a long time, perhaps even the rest of their lives. Thus, depending on what stage you are in in your life’s journey, choosing a location may take some foresight into where you want to settle for the near future or the far off future.

Splittgerber Professional Builders is a custom home builder in Colorado. From the initial consultation to project completion, we ensure you are informed and involved every step of the way. It takes a lot of working pieces to build a beautiful custom home, and our team has mastered the process to make it efficient and smooth for you. Below, we’ll offer up our choice for the top five places to build your dream home in the United States. Contact us to begin the custom home building process!


Missoula, MT

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring landscape to fuel your dreams, it will be hard to beat Missoula, Montana. Known as “the hub of five valleys,” Missoula sits at the convergence of five mountain ranges and is near the confluence of the Bitterroot and Blackfoot Rivers. In addition, the city is centered around the Clark Fork River. Historically, Missoula began as a trading post. When the Northern Pacific Railway came in 1883, the lumber trade boomed and remained a staple of the economy until the 1990s.

Missoula is a perfect choice for many for a custom home build as it is a mid-sized city located in the Rocky Mountains. With a plethora of outdoor activities to do, from hiking, mountain biking, and golfing in the summer to snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and sledding in the winter, this is a great place for those who like nature. Surrounded by wide open country, Missoula is a great mix for those who like their amenities, but who also like to escape civilization easily. Affordable land to build on but not the best in schools, Missoula offers beauty on a budget.

Lexington, KY

With the mention of Kentucky, most people immediately think horse racing. After all, it’s nickname is the Bluegrass state. Being one of the first “Western states” that settlers escaped to after the East Coast of the United States became too crowded for people to find farmland, Kentucky has a relatively long history, with Lexington being chartered all the way back in 1782.

Today, Lexington remains a hub of horse racing activity. Lexington maintains a strict urban growth boundary that ensures area horse farms and ranches are protected from encroaching development. Lexington’s economy is very diverse, allowing it to remain relatively stable when the economy shifts.

If you are looking for a custom home build in Lexington, Lexington’s standard of living is less than the national average, and it is a relatively safe place to raise children, and housing is affordable. Vacant land is fairly easy to come by, so you can start building your dream home quickly.

Round Rock, TX

Round Rock is considered part of the greater Austin, TX, area, but this “little” hamlet unto itself offers southern charm, a great climate, safety, and ranks high as a great place to raise a family. Texas, overall, has a lower standard of cost of living than other states in the United States, making it a favorite state to retire in. Being the largest state in the continuous United States, there is still plenty of space with which to find yourself a great piece of property to build a custom home.

Historically, Round Rock gets its name from a large round rock found in the middle of Brushy Creek. It marked a low-water spot for wagons and cattle to cross. Farming and the growth of cotton dominated the economy of Round Rock through the first half of the 20th century.

If you are considering Round Rock as a place to build your custom home, it’s only 17 miles from downtown Austin. Thus, you get the advantages of having a big city nearby, but you don’t have to live in the congestion. Many people do commute to Austin for work, but with the push for economic development, starting with Dell Corporation in the late 1990s, Round Rock is a viable community all its own with good schools and community.

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Rochester Hills is a smallish community of 70,000 on the outskirts of Detroit. It is ranked one of the most wealthiest cities in Michigan and among the 50 most educated cities. The schools are great and escaping into the forests of Michigan are not that far away. There is still much land to be had at a great price for a custom home build in Rochester Hills, yet it still offers all of the urban amenities most people desire in a place in which to settle.

Historically speaking, Rochester Hills has a relatively short history, beginning in the mid-1800s. Rochester Hills grew slowly, which is part of what yields its charm to this day. Michigan has beautiful autumns with trees that turn every color under the rainbow, and if you like winter sports, you’ll get plenty of snow. If you are looking for a laid back place to build your custom home, Rochester Hills is the place.

Front Range of Colorado

True, Splittgerber Professional Builders may be biased towards Colorado since we’ve been living here for many years. However, as one of the fastest growing states, there’s a reason so many people are moving here. We couldn’t narrow down just one place, so we generalized it to the Front Range.

The Front Range of Colorado is all of the towns along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. All up and down the Front Range, there has been explosive growth — like we said, for good reason. Colorado offers one of the best climates around, from dry, which helps those with respiratory issues yet mild, rarely seeing temperature extremes that you see in other parts of the country. Boasting of four distinct seasons, you can still see the beautiful colors in the fall of the Aspen trees, ski at world-class ski resorts only hours from where you live, and be outside in the spring and summer, enjoying the forests and plains.

If you are looking for a custom home build in Colorado, Splittgerber Professional Builders has got your needs covered. There are still plenty of acres to build your custom home with a wide variety of options, from the high country in the mountains or out on the Eastern Plains. Denver is the biggest metropolitan area, and most likely you will only be about an hour away from it. Thus, you can choose seclusion or right in the hubbub of it all.

While property prices are seeing an increase, it’s a great time to build a custom home as the prospects for your home’s price to rise are exceedingly good. The Front Range and Colorado are safe places to raise a family and settle down. The people are down-to-earth, and there are so many things to do here that it is entirely possible to never leave the state.


While these are our top five places to build a custom home, ultimately, you may have a different location in mind. Whether you are looking to build a custom home near family, or you’ve always wanted to live on the beach or in the mountains, the sky is truly the limit to custom home builds.

If you’ve decided that Colorado (and, specifically, Northern Colorado) is the place you want to build your dream home, then contact Splittgerber Professional Builders today. We have over 40 years of experience building custom homes in Colorado. We understand the unique challenges of the landscape and the climate, and we can help you build a home that has everything you need that will suit you perfectly. Our five-step process will take you through all of the steps of building a custom home in Colorado, taking out any stress you may be feeling from the process.

When you partner with Splittgerber Professional Builders, we promise to handle all of the project’s construction work, so once the design process is finished, you should have a relatively minimal amount of time required. Our goal is to create your dream home with the least amount of hassle possible. We are a leader in the innovative use of space with superb craftsmanship and site planning. Our home building craftsmanship speaks for itself. We ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with your custom home build, as we work with you on every detail. If you are looking to build a custom home in the Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming area. Contact us today for a consultation!