Living room with two black chairs and a coffee table.

Your new custom home is a reflection of who you are, as it incorporates your sense of style and your personality all into one structure that you may be spending the rest of your life in. After you are done designing and building your new custom home, you now have all the artistic and creative freedom to begin designing the interior however you like! This can be an overwhelming task, especially when you think about all the space that needs to be filled. While designing a home is completely up to you — it’s yours, after all — there are a few design techniques that you should keep in mind while you are filling empty rooms with your personal touch. 

Incorporating feng shui into your home will bring your entire home together, and create a welcoming energy that invites guests and ultimately enhances your comfort. When you are ready to build your dream home, contact Splittgerber Professional Builders today. We use the highest construction materials, and our master craftsmen have incredible attention to detail, both in the design process and the construction. Get in touch now for a quote. 

It Starts With the Front Door

The front door is the entry point of your home, and sometimes called the mouth of the chi, as this is where your home receives its essential energy nourishment. The stronger, healthier, and more balanced the front door is, the more energy there is for those who live in the house. De-clutter the entry spot for your front door by removing a pile of shoes or a coat rack stuffed with jackets. These symbols just create more stress and work against creating a relaxing environment. Take care of your front door by making sure that there is no difficulty opening the door, everything is in working order, and that no hinges are squeaking. Lastly, choose a color to paint your door that represents your desired energy. Red can mean passion and high energy, earth tones can mean stability, and wood colors can mean vitality.    

Remove Obstacles In Your Path

As you move around your home, take note of how you naturally enter and exit rooms. As you begin to decorate and fill your space with sofas, tables, chairs, or bookshelves, try to avoid blocking those natural entry and exit points that you grow accustomed to. These obstacles can actually begin to affect how comfortable we feel moving around our home, and can even prevent us from fully accepting the space. Adjust these obstacles out of your pathway — they will likely open the space up a bit more, as the chi will move freely, letting you move more freely as well. 

Bring Life Energy Into Your Home With Plants

In feng shui, plants embody life energy, meaning that bringing green plants into your home connects you with nature and the vibrant energy that plants provide. They help bring freshness, health, and vitality to our lives and the roomes that we place them in. While you place them, remember to place them somewhere that is appropriate for their best health,  and somewhere you can care for them easily. Place low-maintenance and low-sunlight plants on places like tables, or hanging in corners. Plants that need a lot of sun and more maintenance can be on tables in front of windows. If you are new to plants, but still want to incorporate that energy, try spider plants, peace lilies, jade plants, and ivy plants. 

Let the Light In

Light, especially natural light, is good for us and good for manifesting good energy in your home. While some rooms in your home may have limited access to natural light, you can change this by adding mirrors to the room. You can place these mirrors either directly across from, or parallel to, the window, maximizing the light and making the room appear bigger. In placing these windows, make sure that they are placed with intention, and reflect positive symbols, like nature or art that holds positive meaning for you. Mirrors can invite energy into a space, so cultivate as much positive energy as you can. 

Feng shui has deep roots in mindfulness and encourages you to slow down and pay attention to the details. If you just got done designing your custom home, chances are that you have a good sense of detail and how to decorate the interior of your home. But, you want to feel connected to your home, even if you were the one who designed it. Bring yourself closer to your home by closely examining what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your home. If you would like to learn more about how to start building your custom home, contact Splittgerber Professional Builders today. We will be happy to meet with you and provide an estimate. Speak with a professional custom home designer today.