Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home. It is, after all, the space where you eat, enjoy company, and hold parties. It is the room that visitors are always excited to see, so it only makes sense to invest in nice appliances that will make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, if you ever decide to move out of your custom-built home, a kitchen with high-end appliances may be more likely to sell! Upgrades in kitchen appliances can attract homebuyers, increasing its property value, and making you, the owner of the home, proud to have invested good time and money into a kitchen worth showing off. When you are ready to start your journey in building your custom home, contact our professional contractors! We are excited to start working with you. 

Make Your Appliances Work For You

We live in an era defined by the technological advancements we have made work for us. Technology, after all, is meant to make our lives easier, so why not take advantage and make cooking in your kitchen a little easier? Start by installing touch-sensitive faucets. Gone are the days of you having to try to turn the water on with your hand or elbow because your hands are covered in the ingredients you’re making your next meal with. Instead of smearing germs and bacteria on your water handles — simply tap your faucet with your arm or back of your hand and have warm water stream out. Most touch-sensitive faucets come with a manual option, so if you still want to get hands-on with your handwashing experience, you can! 

Add a Built-In Compost

Composting is an incredible feature to add to your kitchen because it takes care of any food waste that you need to get rid of in a convenient and highly-accessible way. A built-in compost is convenient, sleek, and helps the environment! A bin that you keep your food waste in can be an eyesore, distracting your guests from the beauty of your new custom-built home. Stainless steel options are available, and the cover will obscure any cuttings and waste that will eventually need to be moved to an outdoor compost. It is an eco-friendly addition to your kitchen that you and your guests will never get bored of. 

Open Up Your Space

There is nothing worse than a crowded kitchen that you can’t seem to get comfortable in. Rubbing elbows with whoever you’re sharing the kitchen with is never fun, and most of the time, cooking is an experience that requires a good amount of space. Designing your new custom home is a great opportunity for you to open up your kitchen space and create unique ways to maximize the amount of space in your kitchen. Your kitchen remodel can include things like open shelves, custom cabinetry, appliance garages, and an island — just make sure the layout is efficient! These components will maximize your traffic flow, but will also give you that extra counter space to cook large meals and just relax. Cluttered spaces create a stressful cooking environment, and they minimize your opportunity for storage. 

Add a Breakfast Bar

An open floor plan isn’t possible without maximizing the counter space you have and creating a breakfast bar. Granted, it is a smaller eating area, but it can replace the need for a bulky table and chairs, and the stools you use for your breakfast bar can be tucked away under your counter. Also, you are eating next to your counter space, which keeps everything in a  convenient place in case you need to grab anything. A breakfast bar is a perfectly casual alternative to an in-kitchen table, providing a sleeker look for your kitchen renovation. To create a singular look in your kitchen, you can make your breakfast bar extend around a corner of your kitchen, which makes the space a bit more sociable. 

Add Peek-A-Boo Power Outlets

Having access to a power outlet isn’t a luxury until you realize you need one. Everything is on our phones, tablets, and computers now, including recipes and cooking videos, meaning that we use our phones more often, and will more than likely need to charge our phones throughout the day. Outside of the realm of cooking, having access to a power outlet is just nice, and gives you peace of mind, especially if you are the person who is constantly dealing with a dying phone. Place power outlets out of sight, like behind hidden panels, inside drawers, or under cabinets so they blend in with your interior design and don’t distract from the overall look of your kitchen.    

Get Creative With Your Cabinets

Collaborate with your custom home builder to create custom cabinets that make optimal use of the space you have. Pantry cabinets can extend from the floor to the ceiling, helping you store brooms, mops, trash, as well as dried goods. If there is no room for a walk-in pantry, a standalone pantry will still get the job done. Cabinets, no matter the design, have infinite uses and potential in your kitchen space. They are meant to work with you, so you can build them around your appliances, adding to the sleek and singular look of your custom kitchen. Kitchen storage can work vertically and horizontally, framing appliances and providing your kitchen with a seamless look. 

Further, make sure there is no wasted space with your cabinets. Consider installing sliding drawers, drawer dividers, pantry pullouts, and even appliance garage spaces. Smaller appliances like coffee makers, mixers, blenders, and other cooking tools that need to be in-reach can be conveniently located in accessible but hidden cabinet garages. 

Add a Cozy Corner

If you have a corner of your kitchen that you don’t often use or a corner that has a certain emptiness that takes away from the rest of the room, make it an area of relaxation. Turn the extra space into a cozy dining area by installing a built-in bench. The added feature will enhance your dining area and will certainly make it an area worth bringing people into! You can make the cozy corner extra comfortable by adding pillows and cushions, or maintain a sleek look with a wooden bench. It all depends on the style and vibe of your kitchen — and your preferences, of course! 

Add a Built-In Floor Vacuum

Sweeping can be a chore, especially if you have to do it often. It can be a struggle trying to sweep under your cabinets and go around all of the corners. Your vacuum can’t some places and neither can your Roomba, and you can feel the crumbs under your feet as you walk across your kitchen floor. Instead of breaking a sweat every time you have to sweep your floor, install a built-in vacuum under your cabinetry. This under-the-counter vacuum system gets all of the stubborn dirt, dust, and pet dander that your broom always misses. No matter the layout of your kitchen, this vacuum is out of sight, easy to use, and accessible — and to put it simply, it will get the job done! Simply sweep all of the crumbs, dirt, pet hair, and food towards the vacuum and let it do the rest! 

Let the Light In

Light is one of the most important elements in making a kitchen feel bright, welcoming, and ultimately, a place you will want to be. Not to mention, natural lighting will make your kitchen feel bigger than it is. When designing out your custom home in Northern Colorado, be sure to leave plenty of space for windows, and if you can swing it, add a skylight. While recessed lighting can brighten up your kitchen and make it feel warm, there is nothing quite like natural light pouring through your windows to really add dimension and brightness to your home. 

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