tips to know before building custom home splittgerber professional builders fort collins

So you’ve finally decided to build your dream home. Congratulations! Home ownership is a huge accomplishment, and building your dream home is nothing but exciting. However, once the elation dies down, now the work begins. There are so many decisions to be made, including location, type of home, and, of course, the custom home builder.

Splittgerber Professional Builders constructs custom homes in Fort Collins and the surrounding area. We excel at what we do, and the best part of our job is move-in day for our customers. Below, we’ll offer up top considerations you should know before building your custom dream home. Contact us today to get started!


Be in It for the Long Haul

Building a custom home takes time. When you buy a home traditionally, you find one that’s already constructed, put in an offer, and then close within 30-90 days. A custom home takes planning, and with so many steps in the process of building your custom home, from finding a custom home builder and designer, you want to ensure you take your time and get it right. When you first contact a custom home builder, they will give you a rough time frame. With weather delays and other hiccups, expect longer than stated.

Keep the Future in Mind

While many people who design a custom home are older, it’s still very important to design for your future, especially if you are younger. For example, if you are thinking about having children, ensure your custom home has enough bedrooms and baths for them. Also, keep in mind that you may sell your custom built home. Thus, one of the main reasons you are constructing a custom home is so that it can meet your every need, you don’t want it to be so eclectic that you will have a hard time selling it in the future if you wanted to. Odds are, building your home out of shipping containers is probably not the best idea.

Plan to Spend About 10% Over the Estimated Budget

Most custom builders are great at sticking to budgets. However, in the custom home building process, there will probably be things that arise that you will need to spend more money on. For example, in the process of building your bedroom, you realize you forgot to add in a ceiling fan, or you decide you can’t live without a double-showerhead in the master suite. These little changes throughout the home building process can add up.


Splittgerber Professional Builders constructs beautiful custom homes in the Northern Colorado area. We’re a family-owned business that has been making people’s dream home come true for over 40 years. We begin with the initial consultation, where we get a good idea of your vision. Next, we work on refining your vision by helping you find a home designer. Once that stage is complete, we move on to the pre-construction phase and then the construction phase. Once finished, you are ready for move in. Contact us today to build the home of your dreams!