Congratulations on deciding to build a new home!! If you are thinking about it, you are likely also thinking about the timeline of your new home and when you are going to want to start building. Weather and the amount of available daylight are two of the biggest concerns when it comes to building a custom home, and here in Colorado, options may be limited to late spring, summer, and early fall. Of course, there are a lot of factors to take into account when making this decision. Keep reading to learn more about when it is the best time to start construction on your custom home, and to learn more about our home building process, contact the luxury home builders at Splittgerber today. 


Seasonality might have been the first thing you thought of when creating your custom home timeline, but we all know that budget and financial readiness is a huge player in making any large and long-term investment. Not only do you need to be prepared financially, but it pays to keep an eye on market trends and federal interest rates. Federal interest rates don’t always directly affect construction loans or personal home mortgages, but it is worth talking to your lender or home builder to determine if you are better off not waiting to start your project. If you have a construction loan on your building project, you will want to make sure the home can be completed as quickly as possible so interest rates don’t keep accruing. 

Personal Variables

Our day-to-day lives can get extremely busy — we’ve all been there, when all of a sudden our schedules are packed and we have no idea how it got so busy and when it will end. Moments like this can be unavoidable and sometimes unexpected, but if you do have a good control over your schedule and know when life gets busy for you, it may be a good idea to wait to build a custom home until your schedule isn’t jammed. There are no reasons for this besides helping yourself and not over-committing yourself to the projects on your plate. Building a custom home is going to take a lot of your attention, but as busy as it’s going to be, it’s still going to be an exciting and fulfilling process that comes to life before your eyes.


As far as builders and contractors are concerned, custom home projects are year-round work. Most people can probably assume that spring is the best time for a home construction project, and while it may be the most ideal for homeowners and contractors alike, rain and mud can be as much of a challenge as cold and snow. But in order to start building in the spring, site work and prep has to be done before the snow falls. Land is difficult/impossible to excavate in soggy spring conditions. Some things that rely heavily on good timing are:

  • Site prep, excavation, and foundation – None of these steps can be done if the site is under feet of snow, saturated with spring thaw, or frozen solid. The best projects have this done well ahead of time, but require substantial funding to do so, because homeowners do not want to sit and wait on a prepped lot with a construction loan. Concrete foundations need special additives — and in some cases, even electric heaters — in cold weather, which increases costs. Labor availability and weather conditions are best in September for this.
  • Framing – Stick build framing, otherwise known as assembling your home from the ground up as compared to having elements assembled in a factory, leaves construction pieces exposed to the elements. The best time to accomplish your stick build frame is in June or August. Homes that have panelized framing, where wooden walls and roof trusses are assembled in the factory and shipped to the job site, can be weather-tight in as little as three days. Modular builds, where entire pieces are constructed in a factory environment, depend on road conditions for arriving at the job site.


The pros of starting construction in the spring or summer are that the weather is better and the days are longer, meaning that construction is usually faster. If getting your house built as quickly as possible is your goal, then starting in the spring or summer is your best bet! However, if saving money on materials and labor is more of a priority for you, then it may be worth starting construction in the fall, as prices for construction materials drop sharply. 


During the fall, which is the off-season for residential construction, there is less demand for materials and labor, so you can usually get bargain pricing. During this time, the days are cooler and there may still be plenty of time to get the house started and closed-in/dried-in by winter. As a general rule, as long as you’ll be at the dry-in phase before January, fall is a great time to start construction. Plus, fall is usually dry, which helps a ton with construction.

Other great advantages for starting construction in the fall means more attention for your project. This is considered off season for typical construction companies, which means subcontractors will probably be less busy throughout your project, making them more likely to show up as scheduled. You may even get more attention to your project, which could mean higher quality finishes.    

The downsides of building in fall include potentially making special preparations if your excavation, foundation, and exterior work aren’t completed. Autumn days have fewer daylight hours, meaning that subcontractors won’t have as much time to work as they would compared to summer or spring. Not to mention, you will likely have to factor in weather delays during autumn.

Timeline Variables

Construction on your new home can vary greatly due to a number of factors, including:

  • The size and complexity of your home design, as well as the efficiency of your custom home builder.
  • Permits can be a stressor as well. How long it takes to get building approval and permits varies greatly depending on the local city or county building department.
  • Shortages of available supplies or subcontractors can stall construction.
  • Site conditions will add to the building time. Construction generally takes longer in rural areas than in metro areas with ready access to supplies and labor.
  • Bad weather with heavy rain, snow, or freezing temperatures can cause major delays in construction. 

It can be good to work backward from the ideal move-in date, which can help give you a good idea of when to start your project. Truthfully, no matter what time of year it is, competent and efficient custom home builders will execute the project with expert attention to detail and respect for the budget and timeline. Splittgerber Professional Builders is your team of luxury custom home builders in Northern Colorado that take great care to design and construct your home. Watch your dream unfold as it’s built with high-quality craftsmanship within a timely schedule and within your budget. Take a look at our gallery to view all of the outstanding homes that we’ve had the pleasure of building. To learn more about us, or to get started on your project, contact us today