1. Making A Change During Construction

    When remodeling or building a custom home from scratch, there are many things that need to be considered and planned out. The fun part about either of these projects is that you are creating your own beautiful space that you will live in, and changing your mind about certain features or elements of …Read More

  2. Financing a Custom Home Build in Northern Colorado

    Remember… When financing your custom home build, remember your power as a borrower. Ask questions on anything you don’t understand, and remember that nobody expects you to be an expert, so you should feel comfortable talking to your builder and their lender referrals in-depth about all finance o…Read More

  3. Living room with two black chairs and a coffee table.

    Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Home

    Feng shui has deep roots in mindfulness and encourages you to slow down and pay attention to the details. If you just got done designing your custom home, chances are that you have a good sense of detail and how to decorate the interior of your home. But, you want to feel connected to your home, eve…Read More